Аstana authorities will allocate 53.6 billion tenge for landscaping and improvement over the next three years.

Of this, 702.4 billion tenge is allocated for the next year. Additionally, 43.3 billion tenge will be spent on the new Nura district over the next three years.

The Head of the Department of Economics and Budget Planning, Kaysar Mankaraev, noted that the budget of Astana for 2024-2026 has been approved at 1.81 trillion tenge. From this amount, just over half will be allocated to the Department of Education (214.1 billion tenge) and the Department of Finance (140.2 billion tenge) in 2024. Additionally, 65 billion tenge will be spent on "providing sanitation, improvement, lighting, and the work of the akims' offices in the five districts of the city" in 2024.

It is expected that the budget expenditure for the next three years will amount to 1.81 trillion tenge. In 2024, it will be 702.456 billion tenge, in 2025 - 591.76 billion tenge, and in 2026 - 516.539 billion tenge," said Mankaraev.

He added that revenues in 2024 are expected to be 702.3 billion tenge, with taxes being the main source.

"A targeted transfer from the republican budget to the city budget in the amount of 246 billion tenge is being considered. Of this, 209 billion tenge is for development, the current targeted transfer amounted to 14 billion tenge, and 2.4 billion tenge was allocated for loans to support youth entrepreneurship," Mankaraev said.

In 2024-2026, investments totaling 4.5 trillion tenge are expected. In the near future, the launch of four new investment projects totaling 20 billion tenge is planned in the industrial park area, Mankaraev reported.

Overall, over three years, almost 6.4 billion tenge is planned to be spent on the maintenance of the akims' offices in all five districts of Astana, 11.3 billion tenge on lighting, nearly 77 billion tenge on sanitation of settlements, over 501 million tenge on the maintenance of burial places for unidentified persons, and 53.6 billion tenge on improvement and landscaping.

In the new Nura district, which emerged in December of last year, over 1.1 billion tenge will be spent on the akim's office, over 1.5 billion tenge on lighting in the area, 11.7 billion tenge on sanitation, 18.9 million tenge on burial places, and 10.1 billion tenge on improvement and landscaping.