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In Kazakhstan, the first international exhibition of lighting and automation, Interlight Central Asia, took place!

From November 8th to 10th, 2023, in Astana, the first international exhibition of decorative, technical lighting, and electrical engineering, Interlight Central Asia, was successfully held! We present to you the results achieved during three amazing days of the exhibition.

Results of Interlight CA 2023

The total exhibition area of Interlight Central Asia was 1800 square meters. 48 companies from six countries - Kazakhstan, China, the Russian Federation, Italy, Turkey, and Belarus - presented innovative products in the field of lighting technology, lighting components, automation, and smart technologies for home and office.

Leading industry companies attended the exhibition, including Maytoni, Aledo, Apeyron Electrics, JUNG, Wolta, Fael Luce, Electrio, iRidi, Wizdom, Tekled, Woland Steel, 220 Volts, 2GIS, and participants from the Chinese pavilion. According to the survey results, 100% of the participants established new contacts, and 94% noted a positive impact on the company's image.

Over three days, our exhibition was visited by 1485 people from 10 countries, representing the target audience: architecture, distribution, wholesale and retail trade, construction, design, manufacturing, and integration.

You can find more details with figures and facts in the report on the Interlight Central Asia 2023 exhibition.

The Business Program

The intensive program emphasized that Interlight is not just an exhibition but also a business platform consisting of 9 events, including business conferences, round tables, and seminars, featuring 45 speakers and 455 attendees.

On the first day of the exhibition, a business conference took place on the topic «Practical advice on the application of construction materials and construction technologies», organized by the strategic partner of the exhibition - the Union of Builders of Kazakhstan. During the conference, new company cases were presented to enhance the quality of construction, followed by B2B negotiations and networking over coffee.

Additionally, on November 8th, as part of the business program, Grigory Naydenkov, the Director of New Equipment Development at WOLTA, delivered a speech on «High-quality light - high-quality life». His presentation focused on trends in the application of light with high-quality characteristics and showcased cases demonstrating how to use and apply light quality in projects and everyday life.

Also on the same day, there was an open plenary session of the Consortium of Lighting Engineering, APS, the Commission for the Development of the Lighting Engineering, LED, Electrical Engineering Industry, and Photonics on the topic «Prospects for the development of a single trading space of the EAEU while adhering to the national regime using the example of the lighting engineering industry». The session discussed issues related to the unified registry of the EAEU, assessment, certification, and technical regulation, national regimes, and labeling within the territories of the EAEU countries, among other key aspects.

On November 9th, the key event of the program took place - the «Urban Lighting Design Day», which encompassed several significant activities:

A round table discussion on «Modern urban lighting: recommendations for design and operation». Sergei Sizy, the founder and head of the LiDS school and design studio, president of the Lighting Design Association (LDA), and a professional member of IALD, MKO, organized this event. Representatives from Genplan, Astana Kalalyk Jaryk LLP, urban architects, and urban planners participated in the round table discussion.

Roundtable Discussion on «Light Festival as a Driver for Urban Environment, Culture, and Tourism». Leading industry experts - light artists, architects, producers - shared best practices and secrets of successful light festivals within this event. Ksenia Lanikina, Creative Director and Founder of the «YARKO» lighting design studio, a multiple laureate of international and Russian lighting design awards, and author of educational programs in lighting design, organized this session.

Igor Efimov, the Head of Development Department at Aledo Led Systems, delivered a presentation on the topic «Light as Material». He discussed ways designers and architects can use light to accentuate interior spaces. Additionally, he analyzed professional lighting tools and lighting projects.

The official partner of the exhibition was the QazProperty Association of Commercial Real Estate Market Participants. They held a partnered session titled «Automation of Office Spaces and Commercial Premises», featuring speakers from companies like Jung, iRidi, Wizdom, St. Regis, Marden Property, and the Shanyrak Association. The moderator for this event was the Chairman of the Association, Konstantin Glushko.

On November 9th, visitors were offered a seminar by MGC «Light Technologies» on the topic «Efficient Management Systems for Urban Infrastructure». Within this seminar, three key themes were presented: «Efficient Management Systems for Urban Infrastructure», «Adaptive Lighting Control to Reduce Operational Costs and Minimize Light Pollution», and «Portfolio of Modern Lighting Management Solutions».

As part of Interlight Central Asia 2023, an engaging presentation was delivered by a professional lighting technician and designer, the CEO of BRIGHT BURO, Konstantin Tsepelev, on the topic «Lighting Project: You Can't Decline What You Haven't Ordered». During his presentation, he shed light on questions like «What makes a good lighting technical project and how should it appear? What should be considered in a professional lighting project?».

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Official Partners

Official Support: Akimat of Astana City, Astana Development Center.

Strategic Partner: Union of Builders of Kazakhstan.

Official Partners: QazProperty Association of Managing and Service Companies, Q88 Association of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Builders Association, Association of LED Manufacturers and Systems based on them (APS), Association of Distributors and Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment Fair Position, Green Urban.

Media Support

General Internet Partner:

Industry Media Partners: Electrical Engineering Market,, Energy News,

Media Partners: 2GIS, Business World of Kazakhstan, Construction Info,, Business Russia, Modern Home,,,, Aydinlatma Teknik Dergisi, Electricity Turkey Magazine, Business Russia,,,,, Cable.RF, Electrical Equipment Market, Modern Lighting Technology,,

Interlight Central Asia 2023 expresses gratitude to participants, official partners, and media partners for their involvement and extensive support of the exhibition.

Exhibition 2023 Photo Gallery

Join us next year! We welcome everyone from November 6th to 8th, 2024, in Kazakhstan, to share even more innovations, technologies, and knowledge in the world of lighting and electrical engineering! New horizons await us!

Organizer: Business Media Central Asia (BMCA) Exhibition Company.

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